Sunday, March 3, 2013

Reality Check: Live.

So, I just noticed that my last post was in January! Wow. With being back at UC Berkeley, I have found myself devoting most of my time to studying. These past two weeks for me have been especially stressful to the point where even in the last two days (post-midterms) I have been super lazy, feeling so unhealthy, and getting sad over boys! Last night however, I've once again found the motivation to eat right and go and do the things that I love! From relationships, to managing stress, to pursuing the things you love, these past two to three weeks alone have been subtly life-changing. I can't wait to express my thoughts in these next few weeks through new blog posts with all of you! 

Life is so beautiful. Every single person on this Earth has the potential to make a difference. So why not make one? I know that I am going to strive to. 

Red Knit Headband from Aldo/Blue Jean Vest from H&M/White American Flag Crop Top from Forever 21/Knee High Brown Boots from Cathy Jean/Black Jeggings from Stella Laguna Boutique


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dripping in Gold

TWO THINGS...I strongly suggest that all of you listen to the song "Crave You" by Flight Facilities. It has been my favorite song since my sophomore year in high school! Anyways, I bought this jacket for a GREAT deal. Don't you just love the metallic gold color? I know I do. Originally, this jacket was $32.00 and the day after Christmas, it was on sale at my hometown Forever 21 for only $7.00! It was a must buy. 

 Gold Metallic Jacket from Forever 21/White Tank Top from Wet Seal/High Waisted Black Shorts from Ooh La La Boutique/Nude Wedge Heels from Aldo


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nobody's Perfect

I BELIEVE that every single person living on this planet we call Earth has exquisite, unique, and eternal beauty. Whether you believe it or not, you help give our world a little, may I say...zest. Without you, the place we inhale our precious oxygen in will slowly lose it's flavor. And who ever likes anything bland? Exactly. No One.

So just before you go thinking that you aren't "pretty" or "handsome" or someone who will never be admired for "looks", block all those thoughts for a second and look into the mirror. You are living. You are breathing. You have a temple that you call your body. So why degrade it will belittling thoughts? You are so lucky to have the chance to look at the sunset or go on adventures in forests compared to the un-living things in the world...such as the rock I rest my bottom on in this picture! 

I am going to be completely honest when I say that I am not fully confident in my own appearance. Now, I know some of you will think that this is absurd because I run multiple blogs and social networking sites where I post pictures of myself in different fashions, BUT don't be so settled into that assumption. Because society has constantly been shaped under a social paradigm where perfection has been defined as someone who is beautiful with no flaws; I myself have had a hard time understanding what it really takes to be beautiful, because I do have flaws. However, I am going to restate a cliche that everyone just loves to hear: "Nobody is perfect". Although I constantly change my opinions as I learn more each and every day, I can proudly say that I have learned that perfection isn't real. 

Great Example: for those who have grown up playing with Barbie and Ken, or even at the least have known of their ability to keep children distracted and occupied from the real world, the idea of perfection may seem clear- those plastic humans are the definition of perfect! Well, they gather attention of many, BUT they are only plastic! Plastic, hmmm, these small models of "perfection" lack actual life! They don't breathe! They don't blink! They don't need food! Us humans, on the other hand, are living. Therefore, don't think that the barbie should represent perfection because they are deprived from the very thing you came into this planet with- a heart.

So for everyone who has a heart reading this post (I bet you $500 you have one...easy and needed money for a college student like me, teehehe), I encourage you to really look at yourself and day by day start to understand how beautiful you are. The majority of society believes that a beautiful person is one who has no flaws; well, doesn't that contradict the idea of perfection because they lack such flaws?

I asked my dear friend Jacqie to take these pictures of me to not only show you my style and love of fashion, but also to show that you too can project beauty by showing the world (or even just your friends and family) little bits of things that you love to do. Use your "flaws" to your advantage; to help motivate you in becoming more confident in the world. If perfection really did exist, I would never want to be that because being perfect would mean that I would have "no flaws", meaning that I should not have any more motivation to improve myself to be the happiest I can be because I am "perfect". Flawless. Yeah Right! 

Love flaws. Be motivated to try.

If I ever make a post in the future on how to respect others, may I first say that you must first respect yourself! So go now and do something that you love to do. It's okay to be shy, I am shy as well. But never think that you cannot do the things you want to try to do because you don't think anyone will give you the time of day because of how you look. If you don't feel confident the first time, just try try try again. It gets better each time, trust me. Then, not only will you finally see the beauty you have always had, but also the others who you have doubted will see your radiance as well, if they were had not already.

(A bit of comic relief, I call the picture above my alluring cat pose, meow.)

White Button Down from Nordstrom/Royal Blue High Waisted Shorts from Forever 21/ Nude Colored Wedges from Aldo